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The stage is the very core of the holiday that unites artists, spectators and technical services around. Technical services can competently and safely install sound and light equipment, scenery and screens, and equip artists 'make-up rooms and technicians' jobs around the stage. Our company has a wealth of experience in designing and constructing scenes of any size and configuration, both for indoor and outdoor areas. Layher elements have uniform dimensions. A complete stage construction is a complex set of load-bearing and enclosing elements, decorations, fixtures for the installation of light, sound, laser and pyrotechnic equipment. Layher scenes are quite spacious scenes, flexible in their ability to assemble. Scene sizes: 8x6, 12x10, 16x12, 24x16. Also available for rent stage podium - up to 3000 m2.



High-quality sound is a necessary parameter for a successful event of any scale. We guarantee a clear sound transmission for the participants of the event. The A-Event KZ audio system park is one of the largest and most modern technology parks in Astana. We provide for rent sound equipment of various class and power of world brands sound equipment from D & B audiotechnik, DAS, Dynacord, Yamaha. With the equipment "A-Event KZ" we will ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment at the event. A-Event KZ performs turnkey technical organization, including delivery, assembly / disassembly, adjustment and preliminary testing of audio equipment.







"A-Event KZ" provides for rent professional projection and LED video equipment and modern multimedia equipment from leading world manufacturers - SANYO, PANASONIC, ABSEN, VDWall, as well as HIPPOTIZER V4 Boreal and Resolume Arena 6 media servers for organizing events of any format and scale. We also develop and implement complex projects for equipping events using advanced foreign technologies. The most extensive video equipment park in Astana will allow you to get an image of excellent quality on any surfaces.








A-Event KZ provides comprehensive lighting design events. Light equipment required for a major event. Proper organization of light affects a bright and clear image. This component is extremely important when the event is covered in the media through a television or online broadcast. Professionally selected lighting allows you to create the right atmosphere, achieve a comfortable light level for the eyes and solve design tasks: Rental of lighting equipment A-Event KZ is the use of modern lighting fixtures from world manufacturers, brands from Clay Paky, DTS, SGM. Setting up the equipment produce lighting with extensive experience and professional skills. We are ready to organize lighting design events of any scale and subject.







Conference systems are a complex of special equipment for comfortable communication at business events. A-Event KZ provides Bosch congress systems for rent. We are ready to carry out a turnkey project: develop a technical solution, select the necessary equipment, ensure prompt delivery, complete installation and preliminary testing of equipment. The A-Event KZ technology park is one of the largest in the region, we constantly monitor innovative solutions, update and improve equipment and software. We will create for you conditions for dialogue in any scale and format: from narrow corporate discussions to global congresses.






Aluminum trusses vary in shape, operational loads, connection methods. A-Event KZ company offers to rent trusses quadrolight - square cross section, view Q, and trilight - triangular cross section, view T. Sound and light equipment, LED screens, lasers, confetti machines can be placed on all types of farms various decorations - fabrics, banners, elements of exhibition stands. From the trusses you can collect any geometric shapes - square, circle, triangle, rectangle, all kinds of stars, as well as combinations of shapes that are interconnected. We use designs from global manufacturers of the company Layher, Eurotruss, Teamtruss. All farms can be operated outdoors and indoors.




The company "A-Event KZ" offers tents and awning pavilions for rent. Renting a tent or an awning is an opportunity to hold an event where you want: on any, not even flat, ground, sand, grass. . The tent or awning, decorated and decorated - this is the embodiment of your playground, a dream anywhere. Outdoor activities have undeniable advantages: the picturesque landscape, architectural sights, fresh air and natural light will additionally decorate and enliven your event. In addition, renting an open area is much cheaper than renting an enclosed space.