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Organization and logistics activities


 «A-Event KZ» - is a modern high-performance equipment, represented in the market of printing services of the region in single copies. This is a high quality and a wide range of services. We offer our customers:

-The large-format press on various types of surfaces without restrictions in scale

-Interior printing high quality, comparable to the quality of photographs

-Production of plates

-Printing advertising stickers and stickers

-Printing on self-adhesive film

-Figure plotter cutting of any formats

-Production of posters, posters, posters, banners, mobile stands, printing on all types of paper, canvas, film and backlit - all these services you can get in the printing shop "A-Event KZ" in the shortest possible time.





 The production of steel structures – is one of the key, strategically important areas  of our activity, since this type of structure is actively used in the vast majority of our projects. Own production capabilities guarantee a high level of quality and compliance with modern requirements, as well as the possibility of designing and producing unique designs of the necessary parameters. The lightness and durability of the structures produced by us is achieved through an optimal selection of materials, a high level of quality due to the use of modern equipment and the professionalism of our specialists. Design engineering and computer modeling are used to perform  non-standard tasks.  


We produce metal structures  for:

-Exhibitions and shows

-Promotions in stores and shopping centers

-Presentation events outdoors and indoors





  We produce non-standard architectural forms and structures of any format and carry out processing  of any complexity. Our company has the ability to produce high quality designs and processing levels. Own workshop offers different products and services. Metal structures, hardware, household constructions, advertising compositions, highly artistic metalworking, decorative formats, metal forms, non-standard facade products. Our products are – finished products with the most sought-after specifications.

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