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A-Event KZ adapts the design process to specific conditions, taking into account the specific requirements of various types of events. Our work is always transparent and clear for the client. We prepare preliminary sketches and drawings, choose the best technologies and equipment. We develop the project and design of the event. The customer is provided with a 3D layout of the site and stage space.


Stage 1 - Terms of Reference


The technical task is the first part of the design, in which the client shares his wishes. This is a set of structured information on which the design will be carried out. The technical task issued in the album allows the client to once again look at all his wishes entirely and affirm that this is exactly what is needed.






Stage 2 - Draft design


Sketch design includes:

- planning solution;

- sketches of geometry;

- a fundamental selection of materials, colors, equipment;

- visualization;

- lighting design.


Final design project


As a result, the design project the client receives a ready-made solution.

1. Album 3D-visualization.

2. Selection of materials and equipment.

3. Working drawings.